As played by Tom Selleck

As last week started off with another thrilling Channel 5 documentary, it's been a strange few days. 'The Twins That Share a Body' on the Monday night has left me full of questions, not such a good thing when I'm working on a new script. I'm working from home this week as the BBC is pretty hectic at the moment. It's great to spend some time writing in my room but I have really had to restrain myself from extensive Conjoined Twin research on the Internet and stick to working on my script.

It's been an unusually sunny week in Manchester though, and that teamed with a cocktail I discovered called Magnum PI has resulted in another pleasant week. My writing's going well and I'm feeling productive, and I've had no alcohol today whatsoever. It's so nice to have time to enjoy writing instead of feeling stressed that my jokes aren't funny and my puncuation's rubbish.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mum! I hope your present arrived on time. If it hasn't I shall be writing to Watchdog x