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DSCN3887“He’s a giant pirate!” exclaimed the young boy to his mother as they exited the elevator we were entering. The pirate, in good spirits, growled good naturedly  “Aye, Matey” just as the door squeezed shut.

The human body is such a marvelous machine; its motor and gears and ability to reboot and restore a constant amazement to the mortals who wear them. While not perfect, often finicky, increasingly a pain in the whatever, I still like to celebrate its better nature, especially when a loved one is doing better.

You have all been so thoughtful and kind, asking and praying about Tom since his health issues of November and December, and I wanted to take a little time to thank you all and to let you know how he is doing.

Tom’s eye has healed well from the vitrectomy . Tons of medicated drops, with all manner of healing properties, and a well-worn path to the specialist’s office have taken him to the better side of restoration. His “Tom Selleck” looks and Irish wit are intact, and he has slowly (well, not as slowly as I would like, but, you know how that goes) resumed normal activities.

While the eye has healed from the surgery, what vision Tom will retain is still uncertain, and will remain so for many months. He will still need shots to stave off swelling and that well-worn path will continue to be driven, but, for now, we are grateful for good doctors, steady hands, sound judgement, advanced technology, prayers given – and answered.

My giant pirate is still captain of his ship, navigating unchartered waters – and a little boy is probably still talking about his chance encounter with a patched stranger on a wintry day.