Tasty Tom Selleck

I said I was gonna make a cake, and make a cake, I did! A Tom Selleck cake. My friend, Emma, was having a birthday bash, and seeing as she can't have the real Tom Selleck for a present, I made her this.

In my search for reference pics, I learned that a 'Tom Selleck Cake' refers to an actual kind of cake - usually a gooey chocolate and toffee delicious cake that is apparently 'better than even Tom Selleck' or 'the next best thing to Tom Selleck.' I can't imagine that could possibly be true. This cake was sour cream pound cake with butter cream icing (and chocolate butter cream icing), made from scratch using my mom's old catering recipes.

I will admit, this cake did not turn out how I envisioned. I initially imagined nipples, a bigger portrait area, and better bordering, lettering, and so on. I found myself running out of time, so the bordering, the lettering, and flowers were tremendously rushed and overall half-assed. Thus, they really bother me to look at.

And, let me say, that chocolate icing was a pain in the butt! It was so stiff -- I should've added that last tablespoon of water that I decided against when mixing it up. It would've made a world of difference. That tube of chocolate icing was really trying its best to give me a melt down and take up all my time. On the bright side, I got to look at shirtless pics of Tom Selleck all the while....

I will say that I have never made a cake that was so well received and complimented (despite its decorative flaws, the blistering hot journey it had to its destination, and all the little things I did not get just right...), and my friend truly did have and happy (and hairy) birthday. I was able to let go of my perfectionista cake 'tude, and we had a blast!

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Any ideas or requests for next year?